List of Local Businesses

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 A through F

Name:American Legion

Business Type: Organization/Dining
Address:429 Florence Ave
Web Address:

Name: Boll PC Repair
Business Type: Computer Repair
Address: 417 Florence Ave
Phone: 320-290-0082
Web Address:

Name: Chan's Auto

Business Type: Care Sales
Address: 457 Florence Ave
Phone: 605-467-9438
Web Address:

 G through L

Name: Lowry Insurance
Business Type: Insurance
Address: 417 Florence Ave/PO Box 25
Phone: 320-283-6175
Web Address:

Name: Lowry Manufacturing Co.
Business Type: Manufacturing
Address: 317 Cherry St./PO Box 121
Phone: 320-283-5450 or 1-800-950-4792
Web Address:

Name: Lowry State Bank

Business Type: Financial
Address: 400 Florence Ave/PO Box 123
Phone: 320-283-5149
Web Address:

 S through Z

Name: Quinco Press

Business Type: Printing
Address: 411 Elm St
Phone: 320-283-5151
Web Address: